Where did all these cool pictures come from?

Most of these pictures came from a trip we took in the Carribean. We had a really fun time with our husbands and friends taking pictures of the old arciteture and different objects that we thought looked like letters. Because of Sarah's idea we did this treasure hunt fully expecting to do this project when we came home.

What we didnt expect was a huge reaction from people who wanted to purchase them, so here we are. We started this blog to give people the opportunity to purchase these fun boards for family rooms, bedrooms, and mostly Christmas presents for friends and family.

If you are interested email unlikelyletters@gmail.com with information regarding the board. Ya know the important stuff.... your name, email, phone number, what you want it to say, color,antiqued or not yada yada yada.

We will have all the orders completed within one - two weeks of the order. If you need it sooner, or if you order too close to Christmas, special arrangements can be made. Just talk to us, we're softies and could probably be pursuaded to help.

As for shipping/pickup. The prices reflect local pick up (to Mesa, AZ) but if you need shipping just let us know and we will be glad to help. Did I mention that we are softies?

Scroll down to see some completed projects. More photos will be uploaded soon so check back.

Oh - and look to the right for pricing, colors and other good info.
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